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Copying٬ moving and deleting fixtures

Copying or moving a patched fixture#

Using the Copy or Move buttons you can make a copy of an existing fixture or move it to a new handle. You cannot link fixture handles like you can with cues. You can copy or move multiple fixtures in one operation.

Fixture copying is very useful if you need an additional fixture of a type you've already patched and programmed because the new copy will come complete with all the cues and palettes of the original fixture you've copied. The copied fixture will be "Parked" (have no DMX channel allocated) so you will need to set an address before you can use it (see changing the patch section)

Move is useful for tidying up the console.

  1. Press the Copy or Move button (on consoles which don't have a Move button press Avo and Copy).
  2. Press the Select button of the fixture you want to copy/move. You can select multiple fixtures - use the And button to add more fixtures to the selection.
  3. Press the empty Select button where you want it to go.
  • The Menu Latch button latches the Copy or Move menu, so you can keep copying or moving things without having to keep pressing the Copy or Move button. Press again to unlatch.

  • The Retain Layout or Bunch Up option is used when copying a group of fixtures with empty handles in the group - you can either keep the empty handles, or bunch up the used handles together. There is also a Bunch Up With Offset option which allows you to leave a gap in the DMX channels, if you are running a show where you need to exchange fixtures to ones which use more DMX channels.

  • When in Copy mode, option Copy Legends can be changed to Don't copy legends so that the copied fixtures are given default legends.

  • When in Move mode, Swap Items if Required will attempt to reposition any existing handles which are in the way of the move. This is useful when rearranging buttons on a page which is nearly full.

Deleting a Patched Fixture#

You can delete a fixture or dimmer from a button if you patched it accidentally or if you change your rig and want to use the button for something else.

All programming for the fixture is also deleted. You cannot undo deletion of a fixture or get the programming back by repatching a fixture to the same handle. If you might need the fixtures again later, move them to an unused fixture page.

  1. Enter Patch mode by pressing the Patch button.
  2. Press the Delete button.
  3. Press the Select button of the fixture you want to delete.
  4. The button (if a touch button) will light up red and the console asks for confirmation. Press the Select button again to confirm.
  • You can delete a range of fixtures in one operation.
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