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Version: 13.0

Creating a Chase

Programming a Chase

Recording a Chase

To program a chase, you have to set up the look for each cue in the chase, then save it.

You can either set all the fixtures and dimmers manually for each cue in the chase, you can use Quick Build to create a state from palettes and cues, or you can use Include to load in cues.

  1. Press Record then select Chase. *(Some consoles also have a

    Record Chase button)*.
  2. Press the Swop button of the playback where you want to store the chase (you can also store chases on touch buttons in the Playbacks window).

  3. Set up the look for the first cue, either manually or by using Include on existing cues.

  4. You can change the number given to the step using Step Number

  5. Press the Swop button of the playback to store the programmer contents as a step of the chase. You can also press Append Step on the menu.

  6. Press Clear (unless you want to re-use the contents of the programmer), then repeat steps 3 - 5.

  7. Press Exit to finish when you have stored all the cues you want.

  • Record Mode lets you select:
    • Record By Fixture - all attributes of any modified or selected fixture are saved
    • Record By Channel - only modified attributes are saved
    • Record Stage - all fixtures with a non-zero dimmer setting are saved
    •  Quick Build - see next section

  • The cue number currently being saved, and the total number of cues, is shown on the top line of the display.

  • Press Clear when you have finished recording the chase, otherwise when you try to play it back the programmer will override the chase and you won't see the chase properly.

  • You can record shapes in a chase. If the same shape is saved in subsequent cues it will continue from step to step and if not it will stop at the end of the cue. (The shape is the same if you didn't press Clear after the previous step, and didn't change the speed, size or phase of the shape from the previous step; or if you Included the shape from the previous step and have not modified it)

  • You can set a legend for the chase by pressing Set Legend, then pressing the Swop button for the chase and entering the legend, as with cues.

  • There is no limit to the number of steps in a chase.

Creating a Chase with Quick Build

Quick Build mode, as the name suggests, allows you to build a chase very quickly from existing palettes and playbacks.

Start recording a chase as described in the previous section, set

Record Mode to Quick Build.

Select any palette or playback to insert that item as a step in the chase. If you select multiple palettes by selecting a range of buttons, each palette will be added as a separate step.

To insert specific fixtures from a palette or playback, select the fixtures first and then select the palette or playback.