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Version: 13.0

Cue List Options

Cue list options are set from the Playback Options menu. You can enter the playback options menu by doing the following:

  1. At the top level menu press Playback Options

  2. Press the select button for the cue list you wish to edit

You can show the cue list options in a window by pressing View/Open then the Select button of the cue list, then click the Options tab.

The Cue List options are mostly the same as for Cues and Chases, only the additional Cue List options are described here.

Playback Tab

Most options are described in Playback Options, but these are additional options for cue lists:


Enables or disables Tracking mode (where unchanged settings persist from the previous cues). Enabled by default.

Shape Tracking

Sets how shapes are tracked between cues. Setting | Action --- | --- Off | Shapes will stop when the next cue starts On | Shapes will track until stopped or changed in a cue Local | Follows the tracking option above (default option)

Move In Dark

Sets the mode for the whole cue list (see Move In Dark (MID) Functions).

OffObeys settings for individual cues (default option)
DisabledNo move in dark even if set in cues
EarlyMoves as soon as fixture is off
LateMoves in the last cue before the fixture is needed

Loop Action

Sets what will happen at the end of the cue list

Stop on final cueCue list will stop advancing once it reaches the last cue (default)
LoopCue list will go back to first cue after the last. If Move in Dark is enabled, this will also loop.

Handle Tab

All these options are described in Playback Options.

Fader Tab

Fader Mode

Sets how the cue list fader behaves.

Fader Mode Intensity Kill With OffThe fader masters the overall HTP level and the cue list remains active (connected) even when the fader is lowered to zero.
Fader Mode Intensity Kill At 0The fader masters the overall HTP level and the cue list is killed when the fader is lowered to zero.
Manual CrossfaderThe fader behaves as a manual crossfade control, and the cue list will automatically step on to the next cue when the fader reaches the top or bottom of travel.

Fire First Cue

Sets whether the first cue automatically fires when the fader is raised.

Effects Tab

All these options are described in Playback Options.

Release Tab

Release Mask and Release Time are described in the Playback Options.

Cue Release

Allows you to create an overlay cue list with gaps in it where the fixtures will return to their previous state. For example you could create a cue list where every alternate cue sets the fixtures to white, with the in between cues being blank. If this option is on, the fixtures will bump to white then return to the colour set from a previous look.

Renumber all cues

Allows you to renumber the cue list if the numbering has got mixed up after lots of editing. This is only available on the softkey options, not the touch window.

Cue Options

This option allows you to change settings for each cue in the cue list. To select the cue number to edit, use the Wheel A or press  softkey A then enter the cue number on the numeric keypad.

  • Curve allows you to set a different fade curve for the cue; this affects how the fade progresses from one cue to the other *(for example you can select a fade which starts off slow, speeds up in the middle and then slows down at the end)*. Press Curve then select a new curve from the softkeys. The effect of the various curves is described in [Curves](/docs/13.0/system-settings/curves).
  • Link can be set to Wait for Go, With Previous Cue or **After Previous Cue**. See [Cue Linking & Link Offset](/docs/13.0/cue-lists/cue-list-timing#cue-linking--link-offset)
  • Move in Dark opens the menu for Move In Dark options, see [Move in Dark (MID) Functions](/docs/13.0/cue-lists/cue-list-playback#move-in-dark-mid-functions)
  • Move In Dark Inhibit disables the [Move In Dark](/docs/13.0/cue-lists/cue-list-playback#move-in-dark-mid-functions) function for this cue
  •  Tracking disables or enables tracking for this cue

  • Legend allows you to set a legend for the cue which is displayed on the cue list display
  • Notes= lets you enter a note for the cue *(e.g. "Leaves stage pursued by bear" or "wake up spot operator")*
  •  Autoload see Autoloading a Playback within a Cue List

  • Cue disabled allows you to temporarily disable this cue, see [Disabling a Cue](/docs/13.0/cue-lists/editing-cue-lists#disabling-a-cue)