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Version: 13.0

Recovering & Reinstalling the Console

The console runs on an embedded PC system, and like all computers, there is a possibility of system failure. The console software can be reloaded using the recovery USB stick provided with the console, or you can download a recovery disk creator application from the Downloads section of the Avolites website which will automatically create a recovery stick.

It may take up to 60 minutes to reinstall the software on the console.

There are three types of recovery available:

RecoveryVersion installedShowsPersonalitiesLicence
Standard RecoveryTwo most recentPreservedPreservedPreserved
Factory RestoreRecovery version + most recentDeletedRecovery versionPreserved
Full EraseRecovery versionDeletedRecovery versionDeleted

Using Factory Restore or Full Erase will delete all settings and files from the console including show files and user personalities. Any files should be saved to a USB stick before continuing.

Detailed instructions on creating and using a recovery stick can be found with the recovery creator on the Avolites website; depending on the variety and age of your console there are a number of different methods required. The basic procedure is as follows:

Installation Instructions

  1.  If recovering a version earlier than v11.1, you will need to set the console to boot from USB (see instructions on the Avolites website, which vary depending on your console)

  2. Start console and wait while the memory stick boots up, this can take up to 3 minutes.

  3. Once the memory stick has booted, the touch screen will display 'Welcome to (Console Name)', touch Next to continue.

  4. Please read to the bottom of the licence agreement then touch Agree to accept.

  5. Select the type of recovery you want to perform (see table above)

  6. On the next screen check the serial number of the console - this is the number written on the back of the console and should be already filled in for you.

  7. Touching Install will then begin the recovery

  8. Once complete unplug the memory stick and touch the Restart button.

After starting the console will install all the software and drivers required to run. This takes approximately 30 minutes to complete during which the console will reboot a number of times. Please do not switch off the console during this process.

Software Licensing

From v12, the software is licensed using an AvoKey USB device.

The Authenticator wizard will take you through the steps to license the software on your console or computer. Once the license is stored on the AvoKey, you should not need to repeat the licensing. For Titan Mobile or T1/T2 dongles, this allows you to use different computers without relicensing as long as the Avolites hardware is connected.

For more details see