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Version: 14.0

Chase Timing

Global Timings for Chases

When a chase is first programmed, each cue in the chase has identical timing. This is called the global timing for the chase. If you want you can then set each cue to have its own timings using the Playback View window or Unfold. This is described below in Individual Cue Times in Chases.

  1. Press Edit Times from the top level menu then the Swop button of the chase

  2. Set the Crossfade, Speed, Fixture Overlap and Attribute Overlap settings, as described below

  3. Press Exit to finish

  • To set speed, press Speed then type the new speed, then press

    Enter. The speed can be set in Beats Per Minute (BPM) or seconds depending on the user settings.
  • To set crossfade, press XFade then type the fade from 0 - 100 and press Enter.

*0=no fade (the chase will "snap"), 100=max fade (the chase will move
continuously from cue to cue).*
  • You can assign the blue or grey handle button to be a tap tempo button using the Key Profiles option.

Fixture Overlap

Fixture overlap creates an effect where the fixtures in the cue are changed in sequence rather than all at the same time. This is described in more detail in Cue Timing.

Individual Cue Times in Chases

You can configure each cue in a chase to have its own timing information. You can use the Playback View window, or the Unfold function to set individual times for cues in chases.

It is easier to use a Cue List rather than a chase if you need a lot of different timings or link/unlinks. See Cue Lists.

Using the Playback View Window

  1. Touch the playback display relating to the fader, or press

    Open/View then the swop button of the playback. The Playback View window will open. ![Playback View for chase](/docs/images/Playback-View-for-chase.png)
  2. In the grid, touch the times you want to edit

  3. Use the softkey options to change the times or settings

  4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 to change other times or settings.

You can change a range of cues all at once by dragging across the grid to select multiple cells, or you can use wheel B to select multiple cells for editing.

Using Unfold

  1. Press Unfold then the Swop button of the chase to be edited.

  2. Press Edit Times then the Swop button of the unfolded cue you want to edit.

  3. Set up the timing options as required. The options are described below.

  4. Press Unfold to get out of unfold mode.

Timing Options

Initially all the timing options are set to Global. You can cancel any individual timings and set the time back to global timings by pressing the softkey for the option then pressing Use Global.

The timing options for the cue are:

  • Delay

  • Fade (in)

  • Fade Out

  • Fixture Overlap

  • Link with previous step

  • Attribute times (see next section)

Linking can be set to Link After Previous (the chase will run automatically) or Link Wait For Go which will stop the chase until you press Go.

Setting Attribute Fade Times for a Cue in a Chase

For each cue in a chase, you can set individual fade times for each attribute group (such as position). If you set a time, it overrides the normal times. You can use the Cue View window, or the Unfold function to set attribute times.

To set an attribute group fade time:

  1. Press Open/View or Unfold, then the Swop button of the chase to be edited.

  2. Press Edit Times then touch the cue you want to edit in the Playback View, or if using Unfold, press the Swop button of the unfolded cue you want to edit.

  3. Press the Attribute Options button (right hand side) for the attribute you want to change.

  4. Press Delay to set delay time or Set fade to set fade time.

  5. Type the new time using the numeric keypad and press Enter to save it, or press Use Global to delete the attribute times and go back to the normal times.

  6. Press Enter to save the changes.

Rate and BPM Masters

Rate or BPM masters can be allocated to chases, allowing you to control the speed from a separate master fader. You set this by pressing  Effects then Speed Source in the Options for the chase. See Speed and Size Masters.

Speed Multipliers

Speed multipliers allow you to modify the chase speed, either faster (for example "x4") or slower (for example "/4"). This is useful when running multiple chases together.

Press Speed Multiplier In the Edit Times menu for the chase, or use the Speed Multiplier option in the Times category of the Options for the chase. Use the Multiply or Divide softkey to swap the value between multiply and divide.