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Version: 14.0

Cue List Options

Cue list options are set from the playback Options. Press Options (or the Options softkey on the top level menu then the select button for the cue list you wish to edit.

You can also set the cue list options from the Cue List View window by pressing View/Open then the Select button of the cue list, then click the Options tab.

The Cue List options are mostly the same as for Cues and Chases, only the additional Cue List options are described here.

Handle Tab

All options are the same as for a cue, see Options.

Playback Tab

Blind, Cross Fade HTP, Priority, Run On Startup are the same as for a cue and described in Playback.

Unlinks all the cues in the cue list even if they are programmed as linked, so you need to press the Go button to move to the next cue.

Loop Action

Sets what will happen at the end of the cue list

Stop on final cueCue list will stop advancing once it reaches the last cue.
LoopCue list will go back to first cue after the last. If Move in Dark is enabled, this will also loop. (default)

Move In Dark

Sets the mode for the whole cue list (see Move In Dark (MID) Functions).

OffObeys settings for individual cues (default option)
DisabledNo move in dark even if set in cues
EarlyMoves as soon as fixture intensity is 0
LateMoves in the last cue before the fixture is needed

Shape Tracking

Sets how shapes are tracked between cues. Setting | Action --- | --- Off | Shapes will stop when the next cue starts On | Shapes will track until stopped or changed in a cue Local | Follows the tracking option above (default option)

Timecode Source

Allocates which timecode source will be used by this Cue List.


Enables or disables Tracking mode (where unchanged settings persist from the previous cues). Enabled by default.

Times Tab

All options are the same as for cues, see Times.

Fader Tab

Cue List Fader Mode

Sets how the cue list fader behaves.

Fader Mode Intensity Kill With OffThe fader masters the overall HTP level and the cue list remains active (connected) even when the fader is lowered to zero.
Fader Mode Intensity Kill At 0The fader masters the overall HTP level and the cue list is killed when the fader is lowered to zero.
Manual CrossfaderThe fader behaves as a manual crossfade control, and the cue list will automatically step on to the next cue when the fader begins travel from top or bottom.

When the fader is in Manual Crossfader mode:

  • A running fade can be "captured" onto the fader for manual control by matching the fader position.
  • When firing a cue list in manual crossfade the intensity snaps to full when the fader leaves zero.
  • Shapes and Pixel Mapper effects will fade in with the manual crossfade, but when the fader returns to 0 they are not removed so may still affect the output.
  • Autoloads in the cue list will use their programmed fade times, regardless of the manual crossfade performed by the fader.
  • Partially completed crossfades can be completed by pressing Go.

Fire First Cue

Sets whether the first cue automatically fires when the fader is raised, or if you need to press the Go button to fire it.

Effects Tab

All options are the same as for cues, see Effects.

Release Tab

Release Mask and Release Time are described for cues, see Release.

Cue Release

Sets fixtures to release when moving to the next cue, if they are not programmed in the next cue. This can be useful for creating some effects.

The Cue Options which could be set here in previous versions are now set using the Playback View window, press View/Open then the select button for the playback. You can edit cue settings directly in the grid.