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Version: 14.0

Copying, Moving, Linking and Deleting a Cue

Copying a Cue

Using the Copy button you can make a copy of an existing cue, or create a new playback which is linked to the existing playback. You can copy multiple playbacks (which may be cues, chases or cue lists) in one operation.

Linked cues are handy if you want a cue to appear on more than one page for ease of operation; also the linked cue can have different timings and playback Options from the cue it's linked to.

  1. Press Copy

  2. If you want to make a linked copy, press Copy again or press the Link softkey.

  3. Press the select button of the cue you want to copy. You can select a range of playbacks by holding the first button while pressing the last in the range, or use the Thro and And buttons to add more playbacks to the selection - hold down And to keep adding them.

  4. Press an empty select button where you want it to go, or if you are copying multiple playbacks, where you want them to start.

  • The Menu Latch button latches the Copy menu, so you can keep copying things without having to keep pressing the button. The latched menu will stay active until you press Menu Latch to unlatch it.

  • Retain Layout or Bunch Up is used when copying a group of cues with empty playbacks in the group - you can either keep the empty playbacks, or bunch up the used playbacks together.
  • The option Copy Legends can be changed to Don't copy legends so that the copied cues are given default legends.

Moving a Cue

The Move button allows you to move one or more cues to a different playback handle. Move is useful for tidying up the console after programming to put similar cues together or move them onto different pages.

Again you can move multiple cues by holding down the first playback button while pressing the last in the range or using the Thro and And buttons as described above and latch the Move function using the Menu Latch button.

  • On older consoles which do not have a hardware button for Move, hold Avo while pressing Copy to obtain the Move function (as printed on the console panel).

  • When moving a block of cues, Swap Items if Required will attempt to reposition any existing playbacks which are in the way of the moved block. This is useful when rearranging playbacks on a page which is nearly full.

Deleting a Cue

To delete a cue:

  1. Press the Delete button

  2. Press the select button of the cue you want to delete

  3. Press the select button again (or press Enter) to confirm the delete

  • Instead of deleting the cue you can select Unassign, this will remove the cue from the handle but retain it for future use. Go to the Show Library to reuse unassigned cues.

  • Press Menu Latch to keep the delete mode active. You can keep deleting using steps 2 and 3 without having to keep pressing the

    Delete button. Press Menu Latch to exit latched delete mode.