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Version: 14.0

Editing Palettes

Viewing and Editing the Content of Palettes

You can view the contents of a palette in the Palette View window. This lists all fixtures in the palette and the attribute values stored for them. A context menu button allows you to switch to displaying Times.

Press View/Open, then the button of the palette. The Palette View window will open.

Palette View window

You can filter which attributes are shown using the All/IPCGBES buttons in the top corner, or which fixtures are shown using the fixture type buttons below that.

To edit an attribute value, touch/click on it in the window. The softkeys will give you a list of available settings for this attribute or you can type in a numerical value.

You cannot Delete a value from a palette, but you can disable it by selecting the value and pressing the Off softkey or Off button. If you select a value which shows '[Off]', the softkey will show On, and would re-enable the previous value, or the

Off button will toggle between Off and the previous value.
  • When the palette contains other palettes, the context menu option

    View/Hide Nested Palettes sets whether or not the view shows the actual attribute value or just the name of the nested palette.
  • When the palette contains shapes, the context menu option View Shapes will open the Shape View showing all the shapes with their parameter. Clicking View will open the Shape Fixture View which lets you edit the fixtures running the shape; the Add Fixtures menu button will add selected fixtures into the shape.

  • When the palette contains effects (Pixel Mapper) the context menu option View Effects will open the Effect View window to let you edit the effect.

Changing the Content of Palettes

To edit a palette entry, press Edit (Update Palette on Pearl Expert and Tiger Touch 1), then select the palette to edit. For Normal palettes this will automatically select the fixtures used in the palette; for Shared palettes the first fixture in the palette will be selected. Next, make the changes you want, then press the Update Palette x softkey to save the changes.

The Edit/Update Palette button also allows you to change the palette name and number.

You can also load the palette into some fixtures, modify the attributes and record the new information back on top of the existing palette entry. The console will give you options on the softkeys to Replace,  Merge or Quick Merge the palettes. If you select Merge, anything you haven't changed will not be affected, values you have changed or added will be amended. Quick Merge will only update the attributes stored in the original palette and ignore others (for example if you are merging with a position palette, but have also modified the colour attributes, the colour attributes would not be merged in).

When double clicking a palette button to update, the default option is  Quick Merge.

You can also press the palette button a second time to select the
<strong>Merge</strong> option.
  • You can add additional fixtures to a palette without affecting existing ones.
*For example, if you have colour palettes for Mac
600s, you can add colours for your Mac 500s without affecting any
previously recorded values in the palette.*
  • You can remove attributes from palettes using the Off function.

  • When editing a palette the state of the programmer will be preserved; when the modified palette is saved, your original programmer contents will be restored and the programmer will be left in the same state as when you started editing the palette.

Updating Palettes Used in a Playback

If you need to quickly update a palette during a show, for example you fire a green cue and the Green palette used turns out to be not quite the right colour, the Update function lets you automatically update the palette used in the cue.

  1. With the cue fired, select the fixtures and change them to the settings you want to store (e.g. the right green colour)

  2. Press Update (on Pearl Expert, Record Cue, Update)

  3. The cues and palettes which relate to the cue and can be updated are shown on the softkeys

  4. Select the items you want to update and press Update again