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Version: 14.0

Organising the console

If the layout of the fixture buttons, palettes or playbacks has become a bit mixed up during programming, you can use the Move function to move recorded items around and produce a better layout. When an item is moved, all links to other recorded items are retained.

Using the Move function

To move fixtures, palettes, groups and playbacks is very simple.

  1. Press Move to select Move mode (if the console does not have a Move button, you can get this function by holding Avo and pressing Copy ).

  2. Press or touch the select key(s) of the item(s) to move.

  3. Press or touch the select key of the destination.

When moving a range, it is possible to select a range containing different types of items, and there can be gaps between them. In this case, you can set Bunch Up mode to have all of the gaps in the range removed.

Swap Items if Required will attempt to reposition any existing handles which are in the way of the move. This is useful when rearranging handles on a page which is nearly full.
  • If there is not enough space, (there is an item in the way or there is not enough space before the end of the page) then the action will not be completed.

  • Press Latch Menu to keep Move mode active if you have a number of things to move around.