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Version: 14.0

TNP Console Mode

TNP console mode allows you to use a TNP to run an unattended show, or to act as an emergency backup. You can create a show on a full console then load it into the TNP for operation, or you can connect a console in multi-user mode to create programming on the TNP itself.

Running Playbacks

Use the View command (see next section) to select Playbacks Grid mode.

Playback View on TNP

You can then run playbacks from the standard Titan playbacks window by touching the buttons.

Setting the View

In Console mode, the Home screen can be set using the View button to display either Network Adapters (like in slave mode), Playbacks Grid or Session View.

TNP View Screen

Session view shows how the TNP unit is connected to other Titan devices on the network.

TNP Sessions View Screem

Locking the panel

The selected view will also be shown when the console is locked using the Lock button. If the playbacks screen is shown, the only action available is to fire and kill the playbacks on the screen. Touch the Show Keypad button to display the numeric keypad for unlocking.

TNP Locked Playback View Screen

Loading and saving shows, and other Setup

Setup mode allows you to load and save Titan shows. You can also change Network Settings, Node Settings and set Monitor mode (see Slave mode above for details).

TNP Setup Screen

Load show presents the standard Titan loading screen.

TNP Setup/Load Show Screen

Save Show allows you to save a show which you have modified on the TNP using a remote console.

TNP Setup/Save Show Screen