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Version: 15.1

Cue Lists

Cue Lists (sometimes known as stacks or cue stacks) allow you to record a sequence of cues, each of which can have its own timings and can be triggered by the Go button or run automatically to the next cue. This allows you to build a complete show in a single list and is ideal for theatrical shows where the show must be exactly the same each time. Cue lists can also be useful in busked shows, especially on consoles with a small number of playback faders, to offer a number of different looks on one fader.

Cue lists differ from chases in the way the console handles changes between cues. Cue lists track fixture state from previous cues and will only change the fixture state if you have modified that fixture in the cue; if there are no changes stored for the fixture, it will remain in the same state. Chases on the other hand would crossfade between cues, fading out all fixtures which have no stored information in the new cue.

You can change the tracking behaviour of cue lists using the tracking option for each cue: Block, This Cue Only and Solo - see Tracking in the Cue List Playback section).

To view the contents of a cue list, touch the playback screen relating to the fader or press Open/View then the Select button of the playback.

Playback View of Cue List