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Version: 16.0

Capture Show Files

The Capture stage is automatically saved within the Titan showfile. The Capture stage can also be exported and imported separately from the Titan show. This allows standard stages or rigs to be transferred between Titan shows, or to be loaded into the full version of Capture for further editing.

Select the Show tab in the Capture Visualiser Settings window to export and import shows.

Exporting Shows

Exported Capture shows can be loaded into other Titan shows or into the full version of Capture for producing documentation.

Importing Shows

Shows can be imported from the full version of Capture, this can be useful to import existing stage structures or rigging designs.

For Titan to list your Capture show files for import, you need to have them in either of the following locations:

  • Titan show file folder (normally Documents\Titan\Shows).
  • The root directory of a USB drive.

The internal Capture engine uses the Capture 2020 version (in Titan v13 and v12, Capture 2018 was used; in Titan v11 and below, Capture Atlas was used). You will not be able to import files from newer versions of Capture - use the "Export for Capture 2020" function in the File menu of the full version of Capture to save the file as a version which can then be imported.

When importing shows from full Capture you need to ensure that all fixtures in the show have been correctly patched in Capture to match the patch on the console. There is no way to edit an externally created Capture patch on the console.

You will need to turn off the Auto Update option in the Capture Settings window on Titan, otherwise Titan will move all the fixtures about according to layout settings in the Titan show.

  • Some fixture types and other Capture elements may not work when you import a show that has been created in full Capture. You can use the auto-patch function to allow the console to patch fixtures into an imported Capture show, but you will then need to manually position them using the Titan controls.

Clearing the Capture Show

The Wipe button at the bottom of the Show tab will clear the current Capture show.

If the Auto Update option is set to On (the default setting) then the Capture show will be repopulated with the fixtures in the Titan show.

You can manually reload patched fixtures from your Titan show into Capture by selecting the Edit Fixtures Update Personality option on the Patch menu. This is particularly useful if a capture representation is added to fixtures which previously weren't available in Capture but are already patched in Titan.