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Advanced Options

Fading Shape Size and Speed

When a shape is stored in a cue, you can set how the shape fades in using the Edit Times and the playback Options settings.

To set the shape size and/or speed from the fader position, press Options (or Options softkey from the main menu) then press the select button of the playback.

Using the Fader, Shape Size and Shape Speed buttons you can set the shape size and speed to be fixed (how you programmed them) or to grow larger/speed up as the fader is pushed up. You can also allocate a Speed or Size Master to control the speed or size, see Speed and Size Masters.

To set a fixed fade in time for the shape size, press Edit Times from the top menu, then the playback select button, then set the Delay/Fade times you want.

The Fade Mode allows you to set mode 0 (fade in), mode 1 (fade in and out) or mode 3 (crossfade). Mode 2 links fade times to the fader position, however we recommend you use the playback Options listed above to do this for shapes, and do not use Mode 2.

If a new cue is fired which controls the same attributes (for example, a second shape controlling the same fixtures as a currently running shape), the new shape will crossfade from the running shape.