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Connecting the Diamond 9 or Arena to a network

The Diamond 9 and Arena consoles are different to the other Titan consoles because they have a built-in network switch and an optical network connection. This section applies only to the Diamond 9 and Arena consoles.

Optical Connections

The optical network connector is a Neutrik opticalCON which uses multimode fibre. On the Arena the connector is a Duo, a single connector is fitted as standard, but a second can be fitted on request. On the Diamond 9 the connector is a Quad with one of the two pairs populated as standard - if the optional 10GbE Ethernet is fitted then the second pair is populated with a 10GbE fibre.

The stage end of the connection normally plugs into the Avolites TitanNet Switch (TNS) rack unit which provides standard wired Ethernet connections. If you want to connect to a different optical switch you should contact Avolites for advice.

Wired Ethernet Outputs

The Diamond 9 console has an in-built 1Gb Luminex network switch; the Arena console has an in-built 1Gb TitanNet switch (TNS). These are directly connected to the console Main board on network connection 1. The network switch has 4 ports available on the back of the console.

The mainboard Network Connection 2 is available on a separate etherCON connector at the back of the console and marked as "secondary Ethernet" on the back. We recommend that this should only be used if you need to connect to two different networks, for example the show network and an office network for documentation.

The Diamond 9 can be fitted with a 10GbE port as an optional extra.

The network switch and the controller for the switch both use an IP address. When the controller IP address is set, the network switch will use the next one (for example controller, network switch becomes

Changing the IP address of the Titan Network Switch (TNS)

The controller and network switch IP address do not need to be changed unless they overlap other devices on the network. The factory default is where is the serial number of the console (e.g. is serial number 379 or 255+124).

To change the IP address of the TNS in the console:

  1. Open USB Expert Console from the Tools menu.
  2. Select the TNS panel
    USB Expert Tools - TNS Panel
  3. In the IP Address Dialog, set the new IP address.
    USB Expert Tools - TNS Panel - IP Address Dialog

Power and UPS behaviour

The network switch in the console runs from the same UPS as the console itself, so if power fails the switch will continue working.

When you power down the console, the UPS will continue to power the internal switch for about 5 minutes, or until mains power is removed. This is to allow you to restart the console without interrupting the network (for example if you have connected a backup console via the inbuilt switch).