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Copying٬ Moving and Deleting Palettes

Copying or Moving a Palette

Using the Copy and Move buttons you can make a copy of an existing palette or move it to a new button. You can copy or move multiple palettes in one operation. You cannot link palette buttons like you can with cues.

Move is useful for tidying up the console.

  1. Press Copy or Move (if the console does not have a Move button, you can get this function by holding Avo and pressing Copy ).
  2. Press the Select button of the palette you want to copy/move. You can select multiple palettes - use the Thro and And buttons to add more to the selection - hold down And to keep adding them.
  3. Press the empty button where you want it to go.
  • The Menu Latch button latches the Copy/Move/Link menu, so you can keep copying, moving or linking things without having to keep pressing Copy. Press Menu Latch again to unlatch.

  •  Retain Layout or Bunch Up is used when copying a group of palettes with empty handles in the group - you can either keep the empty handles, or bunch up the used handles together.

  • When in Copy mode, option Copy Legends can be changed to Don't copy legends so that the copied palettes are given default legends.

  • When in Move mode, Swap Items if Required will attempt to reposition any existing handles which are in the way of the move. This is useful when rearranging buttons on a page which is nearly full.

Deleting Palettes

You can delete a palette by pressing Delete, then pressing the button of the palette to be deleted. Press the palette button again to confirm the deletion. For palettes stored on physical buttons you can delete a range of palettes in one go by holding down the first one while pressing the last one.

Other ways to delete a palette:

  • If the console has an Update Palette button, press it, then select a palette, then use the Delete softkey option

  • Press the Palette button above the numeric keypad and use the

    Delete option in the Palette Utilities menu
  • Press Delete then Palette, type the palette number, press


If you have playbacks which use the deleted palette, they will go back to the values which were stored in the programmer when the playback was recorded.