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Tips and tricks

The following section gives you some quick ways to operate Titan. <n> means type a number on the keypad. "Avo + " means hold down the first button.

Fixture control and recording

  • Select all fixtures: AVO + ALL ALL ALL
  • Select all fixtures with non-zero intensity: Select If Select If
  • Set full intensity in the Programmer for selected fixtures: Tap @@
  • Set intensity value <n> in the programmer: @ <n> Enter (value as 0-99 unless you've changed the user settings)
  • Clear over a time: <n> Clear will clear over that time
  •  Wheel @ Keys: Allow fast Access to Freeze, Off, Or on for the attribute active for that wheel. Tap it twice for 100% of a percentage based attribute (such as Intensity, RGB or CMY). (more)
  • How to see/select cells on multi cell fixture: Use Unfold then tap fixture.
  • Group Pattern Selection: Click and hold Group then select from the soft keys Odd/Even etc
  • Quick Pattern Selection: Select fixtures or Group then click ALL to select within selected fixtures a pattern such as odd, even, random – etc
  • Select all cells in the currently selected fixtures: . Enter
  • Quickly set record type: press Record once for Cue, twice for chase, three times for cue list, four times for timeline
  • Quick open record palette menu: AVO + Palette
  • Quick open record group menu: AVO + Group
  • Quick open record macro menu: AVO + Macro
  • Record time into palettes/cues: Time key to put times in the programmer
  • Entering timecode times: Use Through and And buttons as left/right arrows to go between hours, minutes, seconds etc.
  • Select "Move" on consoles which don't have a Move button: AVO + COPY
  • Want to Move/Copy/ Delete lots of items: Use the Latch Menu after COPY, MOVE, or Delete to stay in that menu

Playback and running a show

  • Set BPM/Rate directly: <n> then tap one of the master's keys (any of them) and it will set that as the BPM/Rate %
  • Fire Macro <n> times: Type number then fire macro, macro will be played that many times
  • Change fade time of next Cue: <n> GO - fades in the next cue in a cue list in <n> seconds, overriding the programmed fade time
  • Release all running playbacks: Double tap Release to release ALL running playbacks
  • Quickly create Mask FX: Double tap Mask FX to create Mask FX for selected fixtures, or all fixtures if nothing selected
  • Legend Wing Pages: Set Legend then Go Page on the wing.

Views, menus and windows

  • Quick open Patch View: Open/View Patch
  • Quick Open Fixtures Window: Open/View Fixture
  • Quick Open Groups Window: Open/View Group
  • Quick Open Macros Window: Open/View Macro
  • Quick Open Attribute Editor: Open/View Options
  • Quick Open Active Playbacks: Open/View Off
  • Quick Open Position Palettes Window: Open/View Position
  • Quick Open Colour Palettes Window: Open/View Colour
  • Quick Open Gobo and Beam Palettes Window: Open/View Gobo (or Open/View Beam)
  • Quick Open Shape Palettes Window: Open/View Shape
  • Quick Open Intensity View: Open/View Intensity
  • Quick Open Cue List View of connected Cue List: Open/View Connect/Cue
  • Quick exit menus to the top: AVO + EXIT, this will also exit the Unfold Menu
  • Search deep in menus: use the search box to find menu options faster.
  • Options missing in a Menu: Check to see if you have typed in the search box in the prompt area by accident
  • Window too small to Adjust: Open/View Min/Max to resize window
  • Move Window to different screen: AVO + Size/Position Moves the currently selected window to another screen.
  • Close All Windows: AVO + Close
  • Delete a workspace select button: Open/View Delete Workspace button
  • Move or Copy a workspace select button: Open/View Move Workspace button or Open/View Copy Workspace button
  • Move Camera in Capture with wheels: In the Context Menu Camera Move then how you want to move the camera

Setup, operating system and hardware

  • Save the show instantly: Tap DISK DISK
  • Get the next available channel to patch: In patch view, if you need to quickly find the next available DMX address you can click on the 'space' between the fixtures in the Bargraph and if you are patching it will automatically put this address as the next patch address
  • Set the time: Click on the clock in the top bar. Always check the time zone before changing hours to prevent licensing issues
  • Set Desk Lamp or Screen Brightness: Enter the system menu (AVO + DISK) use wheels to adjust ( only some consoles have brightness control)
  • Hard Key Not Working: Use the Virtual Panel from the Tools panel in the top toolbar to get you through till it can be repaired.