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Version: 16.0

Quick Start

This section is a quick guide on how to do most things on Avolites Titan consoles. Each section has a link to take you to the appropriate manual section for more details.

  • This indicates a physical button on the console
  • This indicates a softkey option on the touchscreen (the A-G menu buttons)
  • This indicates an option in a context menu

Most functions on Titan use the Workspace Windows shown on the touch screen(s). To open different windows press the View button (on some consoles this is labelled Open Window - the manual refers to this as the Open/View button). A selection of icons is shown on each screen which you can press to open the different windows. You can save different arrangements of windows to the Workspaces buttons (either in a block to the left of the softkeys, or down the side of the screen, depending on the console). See Workspace Windows for more details.