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Version: 16.0

Programming palettes

Set up the attributes to be recorded. If attribute is the same for all fixtures of one type (e.g. colour), only one fixture need be set up and palette will be "shared".

Press Record, Palette (See also Quick Record below).

Use Set Mask to choose attributes to record/exclude. If you are storing in a palette touch button the mask is automatically set.

Touch a button in one of the Colours/Positions/Gobos workspace windows to store the palette.

See Creating Palettes for more details.

To recall palette, select fixtures, select recall mask using Attribute Bank buttons, press palette button.

To set a legend, press Set Legend then the palette's button. Press Picture to draw a picture legend.

Quick Record

Press an unused button in one of the palette windows - the button turns red with a +. Press again to save the palette. The mask is automatically set to match the window (e.g. Positions window is masked for only position attributes). See Palettes - Quick Record.

Busking with palettes

To fade palettes when busking a show, select fixtures, type fade time on the keypad then recall the palette (you have to do this each time). If no fixtures selected, palette will recall to all applicable fixtures (called a Quick Palette. Quick Palettes do not go into the programmer so don't use when programming).

To set fixture overlap, type 0-100 then press Set Overlap, then recall the palette.

To set a fade time for all palettes, press Palette then Master Time.