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Media Player


Prism Player allows you to playback H264, ProRes & AiM files outside of Avolites AI as well as check any parameters of the files before sending them to the Encoder.

Prism Player uses the FFMPEG library for video decoding, which provides broad support for many different codecs. AiM decoding is hardware accelerated so it is advisable to make sure the most suitable GPU is selected in the General Section on the Settings page.

The right side of the interface is the Preview Area of the application.

At the bottom of the Preview Area are options to control the playback:

Play Bar

  • Whether files should play once, loop as a playlist or shuffle
  • A playhead to show the current position within the file. This can be scrubbed manually by dragging the playhead along the timeline.
  • Pressing Trim will give you the ability to set the currently playing media's playback trim in and out points.
  • Application volume control.

Further controls can be found in the main header:

  • Under the Video menu a reference grid can be activted to be overlayed on top of the media.
  • If the video has alpha then this can also be activated to sure a checkerboard in the transparent areas.
  • The application can be taken in and out of fullscreen mode by pressing Fullscreen. Fullscreen mode can be exited either by pressing Minimise at the top right of the screen or by using the Esc button on your keyboard.

Adding Media

Media can be added and played using several different methods:

  • Selecting file(s) in your file explorer and dragging them onto the "Drag drop or select" icon in the Playlist or Encoder area or at the bottom of the UI
  • Pressing the "Select Files" button in the Playlist or Encoder area
  • Dragging a file into the Preview Area area will automatically add the video to the playlist and begin playing

Prism Player will save all files to a standard default location Documents > Avolites > Prism > Player unless individually specified within the settings of any Encoder Element. The path of this folder can be changed in the Encoder section of the Settings Page.


Play / Pausespacebar
Seek Forward / Backleft & right arrows
Volume Controlsstandard volume buttons