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Layer Options

The layer options provide real time control over parameters either directly from the UI or remotely by connecting with Synergy and is split into 3 sections. Pressing the Layer Options button in the UI opens the menu and then pressing one of the three section headings will expand it to show its available parameters.

Reset to Default

Reset To Default is a quick way to reset all of the user adjusted parameters, just as a locate or home button would do on a console.

Sync to DMX

When Prism Zero is being controlled from a lighting console using Synergy, there might be an occasion where a quick adjustment of the parameters in the Prism Zero user interface can be preferable. This can result in a mismatch between the values on the console and within the interface.

The Sync to DMX feature is used to allow the Prism UI controls to immediately adjust to the most recently received values from the console. This can be used anytime the UI needs to be kept in line with the external device values.

Note: Instructions can be found for setting up a Synergy Connection here


Options found here are used to adjust which of the playlist entry's is being played, its Playmode and Aspect Mode, the Trim in and Trim out points for the current Playlist entry and a master Volume control.

Colour Correction

Colour Correction adjustments are applied globally and allow the Brightness, Red, Green, Blue, Hue Offset, Saturation, Contrast and Gamma values to be controlled in realtime.


The Transformation section allows for independent control of X and Y scaling, Translation across the X and Y axes and Rotation around the X,Y and Z axes. All transformations are applied globally.