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Version: 13.0

Copying, Moving, Linking and Deleting a Chase

Copying or moving a chase

Chases can be copied or moved to a new playback, or you can create a linked copy of a playback. Move is useful for tidying up the console. Linked chases are handy if you want a chase to appear on more than one page for ease of operation; the linked chase can have different timings and playback options.

This operation is exactly the same as for Cues and is described in Copying, Moving, Linking and Deleting.

Deleting a chase

You can delete an entire chase by pressing Delete followed by the  Swop button of the chase to delete. Press once more to confirm.

Deleting a step from a chase

To delete a single step from a chase:

  1. Press Delete button.

  2. Press the Swop button of the chase.

  3. The steps in the chase are listed on the screen. Use Wheel A to select the step you want to delete, or type in the number of the step to be deleted.

  4. Press Delete Cue x to delete the step.

  5. Press Confirm to confirm the delete.

Alternatively you can use the Unfold function to delete a step from a chase.