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Version: 13.0

DMX network setup

The console can output up to 16 universes of DMX (called DMX Lines) which may be routed to the XLR sockets on the console or over Ethernet (The T1 dongle is limited to a single universe, T2 to 2 universes.) By connecting further Titan Network Processors (TNP) to the network using TitanNet, you can control up to 64 universes.

Multiple consoles can be linked by Ethernet to provide a multi-user system, or to provide automatic backup.

Switch to System mode (hold Avo, press Disk), press DMX Settings.

Select a Node on the left (where the DMX is going to), click the blue arrow. On the right, select the DMX line it will be fed by. The 'i' buttons set properties for Nodes/Lines. See DMX Output Mapping.

To change the IP address of the console, press Network Settings in System mode.

To change User Settings which let you personalise how the console works, hold down Avo and select User Settings.