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Version: 13.0

Patching fixtures

Press Patch, Dimmers or Fixtures.

For Fixtures, from the softkeys choose fixture manufacturer (type on keyboard to filter the list) then fixture type, then fixture mode.

Set DMX Line and Address. Console will automatically set these if you don't change them.

Press buttons in the Fixtures window to patch the fixture, or patch fixtures on faders (except the main playback faders) by pressing the blue select button (See Patching Fixtures or Dimmers).

To patch a number of dimmers or fixtures at once, draw a selection box over buttons on the screen, or on physical buttons hold down first select button and press last in range. Or, set Quantity in the patch menu.

To change DMX address or line, use Repatch Fixtures.

View fixture patch

To see an overview screen of how the console is patched, press  View/Open then Patch to open Patch View.

Setting fixture options

Press Patch, Edit Fixtures, or use the Patch View screen.