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Version: 16.0

Fader Wings

"Wings" are additional control surfaces which can be connected to the console to provide more faders and buttons, and in some cases extra touch screens.

Tiger Touch Wing

The Tiger Touch wing provides 30 additional handles each with an associated legend display. The handles can be used as playbacks or to patch fixtures/dimmers. Each row of 15 faders has its own independent paging control.

Tiger Touch Wing

The Tiger Touch Wing connects by USB to the main console. It also needs a mains power connection. The Wing has a built in USB hub to provide 2 further USB sockets for a keyboard etc.

A switch on the rear of the wing sets it to left or right position, allowing you to attach two of the wings to a console. The switch position is only read on power-up.

The Tiger Touch Wing is designed to fit next to the Tiger Touch console but can also be used with the D9, the Sapphire Touch, the Arena and the Pearl Expert.

If you connect the Tiger Touch wing to a D9-330, the left hand faders on the console are the same handle group as the faders on the wing, so the same playbacks will appear in both places.

Titan Mobile Wing

The Titan Mobile Wing adds 20 additional playback faders and 30 macro/executor buttons to the main console. It connects by a single USB cable to the console or the PC running the Titan software.

It is designed to fit next to the Titan Mobile panel, but it can be used with any of the Avolites Titan console range and also the T2 USB device.

Titan Mobile Wing

If you want to see the legends and function information for the wing controls, there is a Mobile Wing workspace window - double click View/Open and select "Mobile Wing". Using the Context Menu buttons you can select different views for this workspace which combine the playbacks and executor buttons into one screen, or you can display them in separate pages.

The toggle switch on the rear of the console next to the USB does not have any function.