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Version: 16.0

TNP (Titan Net Processor)


The TitanNet Processor is the insides of a console without the control surface. It allows you to expand the number of DMX lines in a show beyond the 16 which a console can produce by offloading the processing into a separate unit.

 A MIDI and SMPTE connections

 B Network connections.

 C Eight DMX outputs on XLR

 D Integral touch screen for local setup and control

 E Power switch

 F USB for keyboard, mouse or memory stick.

It is also possible to improve robustness by running the whole show from one or more TNP units onstage and having the console simply acting as a remote control. The TNP can also act as a simple stand-alone controller using the onboard touchscreen, or by connecting an external touchscreen you can operate it using the Titan Go screen. It can load shows which have been created on a full console. You can also use a console in multi-user mode to create shows directly on the TNP.

See Titan Net for more information about using TNPs.