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Version: 15.1

Network Ports used by Titan

Titan uses the following ports over the network. If your network includes firewalls you might need to know these so you can set up rules for them.

TitanNetTCP 808All available adaptersTitan Remote, TNPs, multi-user and backup.
HTTPTCP 4430All available adaptersWebApi
SLPUDP 427Multicast to discover TitanNet devices on the network.
PingICMP echoAny adapters that are in useMonitors connection to TitanNet devices.
Art-NetUDP 6454By default all wired adapters
sACNUDP 5568Multicast
CITPUDP 4809/TCPMulticast for communication with Capture Visualiser and media servers. Discovery done by multicast UDP then negotiates TCP connection
RDMNetUDP 5569
ProDJ TapUDP 60000-60002, 65023-65535Protocol for getting data from Pioneer DJ equipment by software now known as TC-Supply
LiveDMXUDP 5584Multicast for internal Visualiser DMX data
NTPUDP 1234Between TitanNet hostsNon-standard NTP port
NDIUDP 5353Multicast between NDI sources and PanelmDNS for NDI source discovery
NDIUDP 49152-65535Between NDI sources and the PanelNDI video streams