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Cleaning the console

Disconnect the console from the mains supply before cleaning.

To clean the laminated panels, use a non-alcoholic disinfectant solution:

  • use a damp cloth or cleaning rag and clean the surfaces
  • prevent excess fluid building up on the edges near switches and faders

We recommend you don't use alcohol-based cleaners as the lacquer layer on the laminate may lose its shine when exposed to concentrated alcohol-based fluids.

To clean touch screens: Either use the same non-alcoholic disinfectant or a 70% alcohol - 30% water mixture.

  • Prevent moisture build up near the edge of the screens as this may impair the touch sensor while it is wet.
  • If the touch sensor is affected by moisture, use clean dry paper to dry out the junction between the top of the glass and the foam gasket, by sliding the paper in approximately 6mm and running it around the whole edge of the screen. This may need to be repeated twice with dry paper to get the desired result.