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Important Note: valid for version (1.1)

Prism Player requires an internet connection to download the free software license. This is automatically installed as Prism Player Component or 3501 Avolites Prism Player. The specific name of this license will appear in codemeter webadmin page, instructions are below.

Prism Player already runs with any valid AvoKey with an Ai license (Demo, Anjuna, Bondi, Miami).

If you have no internet connection, and no AvoKey, you will need to purchase an AvoKey requesting our free Prism Player Component License. If you require an AvoKey please speak to any of our distributors found here.

If Prism Player doesn’t start, then please submit a support request to


Prism Zero will already work with your AvoKey or Editor Keys. Both can also be purchased from any of our distributors.


  • To Find out which license you already have installed, open CodeMeter Control Center.
  • Select your available licenses on codeMeter Control Center from the left side menu.
  • Then click on WebAdmin on the bottom righthand side. And find a list of licenses you have installed under Avolites LTD.