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Version: 12.0

Copying, Moving, Linking and Deleting

The previous section also has other methods of copying and moving individual cues within a cue list.

Copying or Moving a Cue List

Cue lists can be copied or moved to a new playback, or you can create a linked copy of a playback. Move is useful for tidying up the console.

This operation is exactly the same as for Cues and is described in Copying, Moving, Linking and Deleting.

Deleting a Cue List

You can delete a whole cue list by pressing Delete then the Select button of the playback to be deleted. Confirm the deletion by pressing the select button again, or the Confirm softkey, or Enter.

Moving a Cue in a Cue List

You can move an individual cue in a cue list by selecting it in the playback view window and changing the number using the Change to softkey. It will then move to the right place in the list, for example to go between cues 14 and 15 set the number to 14.5.

See section Moving and Copying Cues for more ways to move and copy cues, including ways to copy cues between different cue lists.

Deleting a Cue from a Cue List

To delete a single cue from a cue list:

  1. Press the Delete button

  2. Press the Swop button of the cue list

  3. The cues in the cue list are listed on the screen. Use Wheel A to select the cue you want to delete, or type in the number of the cue to be deleted.

  4. Press Delete Cue x to delete the cue

  5. Press Confirm to confirm the delete

Alternatively you can use the Unfold function to delete a cue from a cue list.