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The Encoder section allows for files to be converted from common video codecs into the AIM codec in preparation for use on a live production.

Encodelist Details

When a piece of media is loaded into the Encoder, several details about the file can be viewed

  • The codec that the media will be exported to and whether it has alpha
  • The resolution, frame rate and length of the file to be exported
  • The audio codec and format to be exported
  • The destination of the rendered clip.
  • The current status of the job - Ready, In Progress or Done

Pressing the Sub Menu icon on individual files allows access to the following actions:

  • Hide or Show to minimise the files view / details.
  • Expand to view the source settings and help compare changes made in the encode settings.
  • Rename to set the file's tag name, to be used when sending to the encoder.
  • Remove to delete the file from the Encodelist.
  • Settings displays all encoder settings as described here.
  • Duplicate will copy and create a new element, ready for transcoding.

Pressing the Sub Menu button at the top of the Encodelist will affect all selected files.

The order in which the elements are arranged will be the order of the encoding queue this can be changed by dragging and dropping the element to another position in the queue.

At the bottom of the Encoder queue a readout shows the completion percentage of the total jobs as well as the remaining time until completion. Next to this are the Play / Pause and Stop buttons which activate the encoder list when ready to export.

Import & Export

Encodelists are able to be imported and exported from the application by clicking Edit > Import / Export from the header menu. The dialog defaults its location to the Windows Documents Folder under Avolites > Prism > Player.