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Version: 12.0

Controlling fixtures

Select fixtures for control by pressing select buttons. Fixture buttons turn blue when selected.

Press Locate to "home" selected fixtures with lamp on. If fixture is patched on a fader, the fader controls the dimmer. Hold Locate and press attribute button to remove that attribute from the locate (e.g. to locate without changing pan/tilt, hold Locate and press Position). See the Locate section for more information.

Select attribute to control using attribute bank buttons (labelled Intensity/Dimmer, Colour, Gobo etc), then turn the wheels to set fixture. Display shows which attribute each wheel is controlling. (See Changing Attributes Using the Wheels).

Open Attribute window on-screen (View/Open then one of the attribute bank buttons such as Position or Intensity) to select attributes from buttons and to control sub-fixtures of battens/arrays. (See Fixtures with Multiple Cells).

Use Palettes to store often-used colours, positions etc. for instant recall, see next page.

Fixture Groups

Fixtures may be grouped for quick selection, press Group, Record Group, select fixtures for group, set legend using Provide a legend, press a handle to store. If the handle has a fader it becomes a master fader for the group. Order of fixture selection is remembered for use with shapes. Physical layout of fixtures in group can also be set for use with pixel mapper or shapes.

Shapes & Effects

Titan can use preset shapes, patterns you create yourself (key frame shapes) or pixel mapped patterns.

Select fixtures. The order in which you select the fixtures is used by shapes.

At top menu press Shapes and Effects, [Shape Generator],

Create. Select attribute of shape then select a shape to run.

Or from the Shape Library window (Open/View, Open Workspace Window, Shape Library) you can select a shape directly. Filter the list of shapes using the attribute buttons.

Use the wheels and Adjust Speed, Size and Spread/Adjust Phase, Spread and Offset to configure the shape. Spread distributes the shape across a number of fixtures.

Key frame shapes are similar to a chase but you can spread the sequence across fixtures.

To use Pixel Mapper, save fixtures to a group, select the group. Use Layout Editor to set the real-world layout of the fixtures. Then use Effects Editor to create effects on the pixels.